At the START ...


I had it all ... gratitude, spirit, strength, intelligence, ambition and ... fear. Many times, I excitedly expressed myself ... other times, I felt hesitant. I felt as if I was boxed in. Then, I would jump out of  this proverbial box, back in, back out, back in.... on and on and on.  As a teenager, I knew I wanted to do something of great value. I worked hard and entered college in the top 1% of my high school class as a premed major. The more I learned, the more I knew the  traditional roles and the typical routes were not for me. Instead, I finished college with a BS in Nutrition and Human Development. I went on to Grad School and got my Masters in Psychology specializing in Individual and Systems Psychology, as well as Marriage and Family Therapy. As I further evolved, I got certifications as a Paralegal, Hypnotist, Yoga Teacher and a Plant-Based Nutritionist through Cornell University. I still felt as if I wasn't doing enough ... that brings me to YOU and my work with Moms of Athletes in creating a Healthy and Empowered life! 

Life Happens .....

At 26 years old, I was gifted my oldest son, Britt, and 6 years later, my younger son, Brandon. I knew I wanted to be a great mom to these two deserving guys. I felt fully prepared to be a great mom. I went full force into being the best mom I could be. I had the education and the needed tools ... so I thought. I am highly sensitive to the needs of others and worked relentlessly to provide my sons what they needed. However, the downside of being sensitive and proactive is that I began to ignore myself and what I needed. 

My youngest son, Brandon, a true athlete in every sense, at the age of six, committed to doing all it would take to become an amazing, world-class gymnast. Even though I was a single mom, who was worked full time while attending grad school, I quickly realized and committed to create an even healthier, non-toxic home and lifestyle, to include healthy foods, enjoyable, productive movement and an empowered mindset for my sons and me. 

Living a fun, healthy and  empowered life !
Living a fun, healthy and empowered life !

I thought I was doing all the right things ... BUT ...

In my early 40’s, I started to experience cognitive fogginess, osteoporosis and eventually cancer. I got scared. As a single mom, my sons needed me. I remember running one morning and feeling very foggy. I thought, “Wow, what if I can’t find my way home. What if my kid wakes up and I am not there. How would find me!” 

Next, I was told that I had severe osteoporosis. I had been moving and working out since the age of 4. How could this be?

Then, a few months later, after a particularly stressful time in our lives, I was diagnosed with the big C. My older son's precious little baby girl, Isabella, had just passed on. It took everything I had, to be the mom, Britt needed during this unimaginable time as I continued to support Brandon in his dreams. I knew that I could not lose one ounce of strength that I had. Instead of chemo and radiation, I got the support I need and went full force in living a HEALTHY and EMPOWERED LIFE!

Within days, my mind cleared.  My last bone density scan showed a reversal of bone density lose. I am grateful to say that I no longer have cancer. I proved to myself, with the right knowledge, commitment and assistance, I have the power to be healthy and empowered. 

My sons and I became and are to this day a plant-strong, low toxin, fun-filled family and utilize and enjoy potent veggies and fruits as we grow heathier, stronger and happier. Movement is a part of our everyday; we lift weights, run, hike, ski, skate, 4-wheel,  jet ski and practice Yoga. 

I am thrilled to report that my sons are living their best life. My youngest son, Brandon Wynn, is now a retired USA Senior World Team Member and Captain, a 6-Time All-American and the 2018 Inductee to The Ohio State Hall of Fame. At 29 years old, Brandon has his own company, Life Rewired. Brandon is utilizing his experience, his BA/MBA and passion to assist executive men in creating healthy and empowered lives. We are still a team, as I assist moms of athletes in creating healthy and empowered lives! 

The most decorated USA, World-Class All-Around Gymnast on the Still Rings EVER !
The most decorated USA, World-Class All-Around Gymnast on the Still Rings EVER !

Creating a healthy, successful and empowered life takes lots of ingredients. The habits, understandings and processes that I have identified, created and effectuated are now seamless for my sons, my new husband and I. I am taking what I have learned and paying forward as I assist moms of athletes in creating a healthy, empowered life; providing them the tools they need for themselves and their athletic kiddo's. 

What about YOU ?!?!?

Gift yourself and reach out to me. We will discuss your needs, desires and challenges. We will then see if you are the right fit for my 12-Week Healthy Lifestyle Academy. If you are, you will begin to become the woman and mom you have always wanted to be; fully utilizing and experiencing this gift of life.