Level Up your Athlete: Lifestyle, Athletic and Academic College Recruiting Strategies

 Get educated and learn the necessary tools and processes, as you lead by example and offer your athlete the best possible opportunities.

  • Lifestyle Considerations: Aspire to Lead by Example:  As parents, we need to aspire to lead by example. We have all heard the adage, do as I say and not as I do. Recognizing the import of this adage is important for our gymnasts. The gymnast’s life is atypical within our society. It is a life of continually aspiring for success, success in living a healthy lifestyle, success in continually training, success in attaining good grades which is paramount for a gymnast’s entry into NCAA gymnastics. Success is not feeling that they are missing out because they can’t play as often as their non-gymnast friends do. Success is loving and doing what the gymnast loves. You may say, “How can I help?” You can help by leading by example, living that healthy lifestyle, which involves balance, eating healthy foods, being physical fit, becoming your best self. Not getting caught up in what doesn’t really matter. Keeping your focus on success, doing what it takes to get there and being fully appreciative of the results. Communicate positive energy and support to your gymnast whether you are driving back and forth to the gym, are at home or are sitting at a meet. 
  • The Collegiate Recruiting process and what Collegiate Coaches and their Assistants are seeking from their Top and Second-Level Recruits; 
  • Development of Effective Personal Profiles including academic and athletic credentials, mission and vision statements and recommendations; 
  • Developing Winning, Personalized Website and Videos providing the opportunity to for the student-athlete to communicate with the Collegiate Coaches; 
  • NCAA Rules/NCAA Clearinghouse;
  • Identification and selection of collegiate and NCAA athletic programs;
  • Official/Unofficial Visits;
  • Timely and Effectively Communications with the College Coaches and their assistants; 
  • Athletic Scholarships/Academic; Scholarship/Financial Aid;
  • Creating and Executing Recruiting Time-Lines;
  • Organizational Skills and processes;
  • Identification and receipt of Recommendations from coach, teachers, counselors and successful collegiate gymnasts; 
  • The Team Approach via identifying, utilizing and managing multi-disciplinary team.
  • Questions, Answers, Take-Aways and Action Steps

At the close of our interactive seminar, I will provide my Healthy and Supportive Eating, Refrigerator Magnet, my Recruiting Timeline, that identifies each of the steps necessary to take from freshman to senior year in high school in order to be selected as a member of a Collegiate team, along with my 23 page, bound Ultimate Strategy: An Athletic and Academic Strategic Recruiting Action Plan; A Comprehensive Guide to the College Recruiting Process.

The information contained and discussed within our August 25, 2018, 2-hour interactive seminar is the result of my over 21 years of sports performance and college recruiting experience and heartfelt desire that each athlete and their parents should have the knowledge needed and opportunity to work toward their athletic and academic vision.