Are you feeling FRUSTRATED?

Are YOU READY to create a healthier, happier and fulfilling life for you and your family?

The basis of my efforts are to guide my clients to ...

Creating your ultimate mindset

Create Their Ultimate Mindset

Let's get real! How do you feel when you wake up in the morning ... great or a bit blah? Maybe, you kick-start your day with positive thoughts and meditation or maybe you don't think you have time. Are you grateful for all that life offers or are you only living half of your life?  Do you want to define yourself by a vision of the future or are you living with memories of the past? Are you ready to move forward and work through these challenges TOGETHER or are you OK with staying stuck? 

Utilize Healthy Food Practices

From whole, nutritious foods to detoxing to food challenges, I have the knowledge, support and inspiration guaranteed to make you excited for this next successful phase in your life. 

My Nutritional Commitment program teaches, applies and practices proper food choices, proper meal construction,  and an advanced meal creation program that assists you whether you are eating at home or your next business development luncheon. 

There’s never a better time than NOW to give your body everything it needs so you can Live an Empowered Life and provide for you and your family the foods that will support the expression of their Healthy, Ultimate Self! 

Enjoy Movement, Feel and Look Great

A healthy body, mind and spirit go hand in hand. I have been moving since I was a little girl. At 62 years old, I still love moving and working out as moving, A healthy, capable and  sound body serves me emotionally, physically and spiritually. As a matter of fact, I plan to be moving when I take my last step! I am highly experienced and am chock full of ideas about what to do—and how to look good doing it as your Ultimate True Self appears right before your eyes! 

Are you looking for the ultimate workout challenge or are you already feeling challenged and need mindful assistance? Gain from a complete step-by-step, customized training program with unique daily content and workout structure, derived from the knowledge and experience of experts in this field to include my son, 5-Time All-American, World Champion, Brandon Wynn

Your GPS to Success >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> Jumping Out of the Box

I appreciate getting older. Each and every day, I have the opportunity to Jump Out of the proverbial box like Jack did and evolve.

As an entrepreneur and single mom of two successful and amazing sons, one a World-Class Gymnast and our most decorated Still-Rings Gymnast in USA history, I had to figure it out. I had to figure out how to be a great mom to these two deserving young men, fostering and celebrating who they are while making sure I was healthy ... healthy in mind, body and spirit. I dealt with further rectifying my lifestyle practices when I started to experience cognitive fogginess, osteoporosis and eventually cancer. I thought I was doing all the right things. Yes, I lived a much healthier lifestyle than most but obviously not healthy enough. I woke up and began to learn more and more about mindset,  nutrition and movement. I am grateful to say that I no longer have cancer, I am clear-minded and my bones are strong!

The habits, understandings and processes that I have identified, created and navigate are now seamless for my sons, my new husband and I.

Today is YOUR Day

Begin TODAY, Attain Your Vision and become your Ultimate, Healthy and Empowered  Self! 

My 3-Month Program was created for busy and entrepreneurial moms and  women  who have done mostly everything right in their life, except they failed to live authentically, they failed to make the healthiness of their mind, body and spirit a priority. They tried and gave it their best effort but their efforts did not produce sustainable results. They became caught up in a vicious cycle that I know in my heart they want to end !!! 

Proven Results

Contact me for a free strategy call. We will chat about your goals, challenges and obstacles in living a healthy & fulfilling life. Namaste, Lorraine 

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