Live Your Life Academy

Are you overweight, inflamed and sick?

Are you sluggish and crawl through the day?

Are you living a life that is a 100% expression of you? 

Do you feel that there is more that you could be doing?

Are you tired of feeling FRUSTRATED and getting NO WHERE? 

Do you continually promise yourself that tomorrow will be better? 

Stop Living a Frustrated, Unfulfilled Life ... Today!!

I felt just like you ...

As a single mom, oldest daughter and  entrepreneur, 

                   I saw no other choice but to FIGURE IT OUT and I DID!

Through Education, Support and a Healthy Vision ...

I became Empowered and Authentic

Happy, Playful, Inspired, Loving

Strong, Fit and Active

Clear-Minded and Cancer-Free

If I didn't take stock and do what I HAD TO DO

                                     ... I wouldn't be here for me, my kids and YOU! 

Reach out to me TODAY!

Let's chat about what's going on for YOU, Your Dreams and Vision! 

Namaste, Lorraine; 609-502-0880

Live Your Life Academy


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LIVE YOUR LIFE 12-Week Package includes:

  • 1-hour Program Orientation Call
  • Personal, Weekly Face-to-Face Check-In Coaching sessions
  • Daily Mindset evolution recommendations, meditation and guided journaling
  • Identification, acknowledgement and employment of True Self as you move forward to Live Your Life
  • 3 Workout Phases with customized modifications, as needed, at any time
  • Access to me through Trainerize Ap 24/5 days a week 
  • Customized Kitchen and food acquisition planning leading to creation of desire for healthy foods and decrease in historical cravings 
  • Personalized Meal Plans created from current food choices, employing modifications to macro nutrients
  • 12 Live Your Life Hacks
  • Calling Out when mired in non-productive thoughts/behaviors
  • Live Your Life Sustainability Plan